Edit 15 Nov, 2015: UniTEE has a new home: It is now hosted at AutoCognite – Coded Pattern Thinking website.

Unitee version 1.1 is now available for download. There are quite a few good features which have gone into this build. Since the last release, the documentation has gone through a tremendous uplift. Unitee is on its way to become one of the most comprehensively documented free test automation engines.

Originally scheduled to be released on 27th of this month, it progressed earlier than I thought. There are also slight modifications to existing behavior. Please refer the sections below:

New Features/Behavior

  • Data Source API – Concept of Data Source has been generalized to add support for any custom data source. Default support for Delimited Text Files, Excel (XLS) Files and INI files.
  • Generating XLS Report
  • Geneating INI Report
  • Using CLI options, one or more report formats can be supplied.
  • Filtering at Test class and method level using CLI
  • Providing filtering of two types – inclusion as well as exclusion
  • Filtering in data driven tests: commenting in text inputs, Exclude column in XLS files
  • Better Console Output
  • Change the float and double related assertions to include the precision check. assertEquals and assertNotEquals
  • Setting primary test object’s property values Properties – Id, Name and Purpose.

Changes to Existing Features/Behavior

  • For DDTestSuite, setDataFile() method has been replaced with a more generic setDataSource() method.
  • Default report formats generated by Unitee have changed to INI & XML instead of DELIMITED & XML.
  • The name of the short switch for test-directory is now -d instead of -testdir.
  • The float and double data type related assertions now have an additional mandatory argument – delta – to specify the (un)acceptable difference when checking equality or non-equality.

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