Edit 15 Nov, 2015: UniTEE has a new home: It is now hosted at AutoCognite – Coded Pattern Thinking website.

Unitee version 1.2 is now available for download.

This build was all about back to basics. Most of the internal library was revamped, while maintaining the same end user API. One of the key features to be introduced is to capture check level results for pass/fail/error situations, which is offered by only a few test engines I have seen.

Another key change was done to add the core classes for generic UI automation. This may not seem to have any impact on you as an end user, but the next version (a mojor version: 2.0)  would surprise you with the simplicity as well as power of Web UI automation via Unitee, while using your very familiar web ui automation engine – WebDriver. Support for other engines would be added in the subsequent builds.

New Features/Behavior

  • Assertions API was revamped to support check level results.
  • A generic internal filter hierarchy was introduced to build the ground for future advanced features.
  • Added Property API
  • Web UI Automation Internal Class Architecture created. Unitee is on its way to become a generic web automation tool which would support multiple automation engines using a consistent API.
  • Generalized Test Result. Generalize Fixture and Check Result entries.
  • Check level results
  • Two Styles of Properties supported – Provided by Unitee, Provided by User.

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