Unitee version 2.1 is now available for download.

New Features/Behavior

  • UI Automator library introduced with advanced abstractions and support for WebDriver, Appium and Sikuli.
  • Entity-UI-Element Design Pattern (invented by Rahul Verma) based library classes for end users (a more generalized form of Page Object Design Patten)
  • Data Driven Testing revamped to provide advanced options.
  • Data References concept introduced.
  • Behavior of the engine can now be controlled using named properties with support from config files as well as CLI.
  • Basic Annotations for Test Properties and DDT styles introduced.
  • Annotated test properties are inheritable from class to method level.
  • Moved downloads and documentation to AutoCognite. Ported subscribers to AutoCognite mailing list.
  • AutoCognite free software license was derived from Apache and BSD licenses and more flexibility for free usage was added than earlier. Unitee is now licensed under the said license.

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