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Pattern thinking is one of the most import skills to learn. Patterns tell us repeatable ways of solving a family of problems. Anti-patterns tell us what to avoid unless we want to land in trouble.

Designing and implementing a test automation framework takes more than knowledge of coding, basic constructs and popular documented ways of doing it. A test automation architect should build on pattern thinking which is at the heart of designing any software. While most of the people confuse design patterns with GoF patterns, I acknowledges the importance of the aforesaid patterns, however pattern thinking is a much more generic subject and the way of life for anyone interested in building test automation frameworks.

I presented on the above theme at World Conference Next Generation Testing 2015. I am happy for being awarded the Best Speaker Award. Her’s the presentation slide deck for your reference.


The following mind-map from one of my previous presentations on a related subject, would be of further help in understanding this theme. You can as well download the mind map as a jpeg image.

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  2. sushil

    Nice article. Not able to read Mindmap Can you please provide some other link?

    • Rahul Verma

      Updated the blog post with the download link for mind map as image.

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