I presented a research paper under Innovation category at UNICOM’s Next Generation Testing conference, held at Bangalore on 11th July, 2013. My paper was able to generate a lot of interest in people’s minds for my company Test Mile and what we can offer.

My paper was titled – Design of Test Automation – Principles and Patterns. The usage of 3D mind maps and the innovative concepts were appreciated a lot. I was later informed by the UNICOM team that the paper was rated amongst top 3 papers from all Indian as well as international speakers at the conference. Proud!

I also undertook a 3-day web security testing workshop as a pre-conference workshop on behalf of Talent Reboot.

Following is the mind map exported to video format for easy viewing:

Design of Test Automation – Presentation by Rahul Verma at WCNGT2013 from Rahul Verma on Vimeo.

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