The following testing ghazal is based on a famous ghazal by Ghalib, where he played on the word:  तू. Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi have various versions of ‘you’ which depict different levels of respect – the lowest being  तू.

I’ve just played on the ghazal structure and attempted to touch various subjects in this short poem like the (lacking) respect for testers, developer versus tester relations, testing DNA & what it should really mean and last but not the least, the never lasting debate on whether testers should be quality police/gate keepers.

I’m not going to translate this one, the first line itself can not be expressed. “Who are You?” would be the translation, loosing the main meaning altogether.

हर एक बात पे कहते हो तुम, कि तू क्या है?

हमारी team में, tester की आबरू क्या है?

बनें जो दोस्त तो क्या कुछ नहीं हम कर सकते!

तुम्हारी आंख में ये feeling-ए-अदू क्या है?

मिलें हैं bug मुझे, रूठे हुए हो क्यूं मुझ से?

जरा बताओ भी आकर तो रू-ब-रू क्या है?

रगों में खेलता testing का DNA, तो क्या?

जो काम में ही न टपका तो फिर लहू क्या है?

ये go-no-go के decision संभाल कर रखो

यही है काम तो tester की आरजू क्या है?

4 Responses to “Ghalib’s Ghazal on Software Testing”

  1. anu

    wah wah wah …

    ये go-no-go के decision संभाल कर रखो

    यही है काम तो tester की आरजू क्या है?

    killer !!!

  2. Rahul Verma


  3. farhan

    first ever some poetic touch to software testing….:)

  4. george

    The artistic touch to software testing – reinstating that it is more of an art than science!!

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