I’ve put together a web security testing course for a duration of 5 days. The course includes 40 hours of workshop time, exclusive of lunch/tea breaks. This is the most comprehensive course on web security testing available as of date in India.

Having conducted the web security testing workshops up to 3 days so far, for a variety of companies and individuals, I have come to realize that certain individuals wanted more. These are the ones that are serious about learning the subject. More often than not, beyond the basics course, they do not find any course that can take their knowledge to next level.

I initially thought about developing level-based courses, but then thought that unless an individual is going through my trainings starting from Level 1, how do I make sure that a person registering for Level 2, possesses the knowledge that is equivalent to Level 1 ( as per my course break-up ).

So, I decided to put together a single comprehensive programme, primarily meant to be delivered as  a corporate You can contact me if interested.

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