Thanks to my practice of looking into comment SPAM archived by wordpress Akismet plugin, I am able to find quite interesting SPAM comments.

I found an interesting one today:

The above happens to be a genuine comment on my blog by Ajay Balamurugadas, a friend from the Bangalore testing community.

So, instead of generating some random and usually pathetic English comments, the spammer employed a technique to copy an existing comment and republish it. WordPress has an option of “trusted commenter” wherein if one approves a single comment by a commenter, then his or her subsequent comments are not moderated and are directly included. So, if a spammer starts in this way and somehow gets through, he/she can then start with the actual spamming stuff.

(If the Spammer is reading: I found this one in SPAM Queue: Thanks to Akismet (or should I say My Qismat (fate) :-))


One Response to “Intelligent SPAMing – “The Ajay Balamurugadas SPAM””

  1. Ajay Balamurugadas

    “The Ajay Balamurugadas SPAM” – Interesting

    And this is not a Spam :)

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