I presented “The Last Keynote on Software Testing – The Days of Future Past Present” at Unicom’s WCNGT 2017 annual conference, at Bangalore on 20 July, 2017. I am happy to see the kind of discussions and responses it generated. In line with some of my recent talks, many testers of different experience ranges talked to me and thanked me for being their voice on stage.

The keynote explores how software testers are reliving past nightmares, while conferences talk about next generation future tech. Refer the end of this post for slides.

In addition to that, I received an Honorary award from the conference, which was a very humbling experience. Every time such kindness is shown to me, I get the feeling that such awards are not for past accomplishments, rather a reminder of what the world expects from me. I feel more responsible every time the community shows such confidence in my work.

Honorary Award to Rahul Verma by Unicom

Honorary Award to Rahul Verma by Unicom

Following are the slides for your viewing and thinking pleasure.


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